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About Us

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After dealing with harsh winters in the Northeast and Michigan for over 35 years, Osbell knew there had to be a better way to get rid of the snow and ice without breaking your back to do it. In thinking about how light also serves as a heat source, the idea came that using focused light technology could melt snow and ice.

In 2015, while waiting for the wife and kids to meet at a restaurant for dinner one evening, Osbell decided to grab a quick drink at the bar. He met Doug and Buzz (technical engineers) by chance. They struck up a conversation and upon hearing they both came from engineering backgrounds, Osbell explained his idea to Doug and Buzz. Both were intrigued at the idea and agreed it was definitely something that could be done.

From that night on, they began the journey of formulating theories, hypotheses, creating home grown prototypes, and testing. It wasn’t long before it was very apparent that Osbell’s idea was going to work. The Snow Angel’s light technology was born. A patent was drafted and submitted and officially approved in 2017.


Other ideas started to emerge in using the light technology including the Pool Angel. The uses of light technology for heat transfer applications are endless and we look forward to continuing to find new uses that can better the lives of all people.


Angel Technologies is an innovative company focused on the advancement and usage of light technology. We have approved patents in the transfer of heat using highly focused light that can be leveraged for a wide range of applications such as melting, snow, heating water, and heating homes. Today our research has extended beyond heat transfer into other areas such as using light to sanitize and disinfect that human hands. We are excited to continue our research and bring new products and applications to the market. For more information on the products or investment opportunities please reach out via our contact section.  

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