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Pool Angel

Pool Angel’s Light Technology is a revolutionary and innovative way to heat pools at a fraction of the operating cost and initial expense by leveraging highly focused light to maintain or increase your pool temperature.

Pool water heating is achieved by highly powered and focused light and water circulating mixer. The size of the light unit head is similar to a sprinkler system head unit. The Pool heater will drive a highly concentrated beam of light beneath the surface of the pool. The heated water is further warmed through the kinetic friction of a mixer which drives warmed water down into the pool.

Pool Angel

The Pool heater utilizes a smart technology to adjustable temperature control to meet a targeted heat temperature in the pool. This also allows for faster heating as needed. To keep the pool heated without further energy input, the Pool heater can be easily integrated with a pool cover. When the Pool Angel is not in use, it will have retractable functionality or capability to dry the pool deck for safety. This functionality will provide a duel purposed benefit.

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